• Bibik Express Close Up

    Bibik Express is here to make cooking easy and convenient for you!

    Already blended and sauteed ingredients ready for cooking. You may even use lesser oil as the paste is already cooked/sauteed!

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    No time? Let Bibik Express ease your cooking for you!

    Say goodbye to the daily struggles of peeling, chopping and then cleaning up the mess after! Saves you approximately 30 minutes of your time in daily food preparation!

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    All natural, no MSG and no preservatives!

    Using retort technology to ensure a longer, lasting shelf life! Up to 2 years unopened. Once opened, can be kept for 2 weeks if stored in the chiller or 6 months in the freezer!

  • Feedback

    "I’ve tried a few. It’s good. Easy to use and the dishes turned out very nice. I followed some recipes on instagram."

    Agnes Wang

  • Review

    "Nice packaging and thoughtful instructions. Will try."

    Kai Siang