All about Bibik Express

All about Bibik Express

All about Bibik Express

The very first time I discovered Bibik Express and fell in love with it was during Ramadhan, the holy fasting month for all muslims.

As I was pregnant in my second trimester, I searched for food products that could help make cooking Sahur (pre-dawn meal) easier and faster for my family. This has always been instant or pre-cooked meals, which requires heating up by microwave. However I was looking for alternatives in having piping hot, freshly cooked meals to entice our appetites in the early morning.

Coming across Bibik Express already blended and sauteed food paste jars, which promises no MSG, no preservatives and a long shelf life via retort technology to boot - I gave it a shot!

Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and outcome of the dishes I cooked with no hassle at all!

Gone were the days where I had to head down to the local supermarket and select raw ingredients, come back home to peel, chop, wash, blend and saute them all. ..and lest not forget the mess and cleaning up after! Even then, the taste of the dishes may vary due to the quality choice of the ingredients and/or the quantities does not seem right every time. (Urgh, the ultimate sadness and pain when going through all that and the taste did not turn out as you expected!)

Bibik Express Spoon Shot

I now do not experience such heart pains anymore as Bibik Express have truly saved me precious time and ensure that the taste is always the best!

Plus, there are many easy-to-follow recipes shared by others on social media (Instagram, Tik Tok etc.), making it now difficult for me to decide what to cook for the day! xD

Just so you know, as a very basic/beginner cook, I have even attempted the awesome Kuah Lemak Ketam dish and it turned out great the first time!
- No longer do I have to wait for family gatherings or request my mom/MIL to cook such wholesome dishes for me! :p

Photos as follows:-

Kuah Lemak Ketam Prep

Kuah Lemak Ketam Dish

Thus, I decided to share this wonderful and time-saving product to all of my family and friends. (I'd truly believe that good things must share!)

It was then that Saute Blend is created to bring delight to all busy individuals, parents and everyone out there who is looking to make cooking easier and hassle-free!

Don't simply take my word for it!

I'm so sure and confident that once you buy it, you will love it and thank me later! <3

Order yours now at

With love,


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