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Saute Blend

Bibik Express Complete Set 6 Jars

Bibik Express Complete Set 6 Jars

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Bibik Express Complete Set 6 Jars

Blended and sauteed ingredients for easy cooking.

Consists of 400ml Jars:-
  1. Bawang Besar (Onions)
  2. Bawang Putih (Garlic)
  3. Cili Kering (Dried Chili)
  4. Cili Padi (Bird Eye Chili)
  5. Halia (Ginger)
  6. Kunyit (Turmeric)

Save time and energy when cooking by using these ingredients!
  • Uses RETORT Food Processing Technology
  • Long Shelf Life (2wks in chiller, 6mths in freezer, 2yrs unopened)
  • No MSG
  • No Preservatives
  • Already blended and sauteed, save yourself the trouble, mess and may use less oil too

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